How Video Shot-Tracking Can Help You Make More Shots

How Video Shot-Tracking Can Help You Make More Shots

As a basketball trainer, I frequently use video to show my clients where they can improve. And I encourage my clients to take advantage of the benefits of video feedback in their training. Here's why it's so important:

See What's Difficult to See In Real-Time
Firstly, video feedback allows you to spot flaws in your technique that may be hard to identify in real-time. I have a client who used to have a flat shot, yet his follow through would be at 11/12 o'clock, similar to what you see from the best shooters. In real-time, it was hard for him to know what was wrong.

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But by watching video of his shooting, he could see how he was pushing out first before his arm would whip back up into that "12 o'clock" follow through. By pictures, he would never know he was doing anything wrong. By video, he could slow it down and see his mechanics for what they were. Ultimately, by reviewing footage of his shooting, he could see where he was making mistakes and have a better understanding of how to correct them.

Seeing Your Shooting vs. Just Imagining
Video provides visual reinforcement, which can help you better understand the movements required for proper technique and improve your muscle memory. You may intuitively know that you're doing a better job of keeping your feet angled in the same direction, but when you can know for certain that you are by watching your shooting video, it leaves no room for doubt.

Visual, Detailed Feedback from Your Coach
Players - does your coach or trainer ever tell you "use your legs" or "follow through", but you don't really know exactly how to correct it?

Coaches - do you ever tell your players an instruction and it just doesn't seem to get through to them?

Video feedback enhances that communication between coaches and players.

Coaches can use video footage from their player's shooting to provide specific feedback on areas where they need to improve, making it easier to understand and implement their instructions. It's one thing to be told by your coach, "you're not bringing the ball up before your hips." It's another thing to visually be able to see at what point your hips are coming up and to know exactly when you need to adjust raising the basketball. 

Your Transformation Is Obvious
If you have video of your shooting throughout your journey, it provides a way for you to track your progress over time. By comparing footage from training sessions in different time periods, you can see how far you've come and identify areas where you still need to improve.

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You Can Do All The Above - With Little to No Effort
With Swish Hoop’s Player App, you can take your video feedback to the next level. The training app has advanced ways of recording videos during your shooting sessions, and then automatically breaking down these long shooting sessions into individual shots that are indexed by player, shooting location, and drill.

Coaches and trainers can then use the Swish Hoop Coach's App to provide feedback on videos by drawing and commenting directly on the videos, which is an effective way of providing feedback to players, even if the coach or trainer is not present with the player in the gym, in their driveway or wherever their player practices.

Incorporating Swish Hoop’s advanced video feedback technology into your basketball training can help you improve your game and take your skills to the next level. And for coaches, it can help you add tremendous value to your clients even when you're not with them.

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