Player App FAQ

The  Swish Hoop® Player App  is a free app that is used to communicate with Swish Hoop® devices (Swish Hoop® Shot Monitor  and  Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard). It allows you to select, initiate and record drills, review your shooting stats, see your rank on the leaderboards, earn badges for your performance and hard work, record and see your shooting videos, set goals for yourself, create alarms to remind you of your workouts, view messages and stats from other users and share your sessions and videos with friends and followers. The  Swish Hoop® Player App  runs on mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets. The device must be connected to the internet through either Wi-Fi or a cellular connection and must have Bluetooth 4.0 or later compatibility.

The  Swish Hoop® Player App  may be downloaded for free from either the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or from the Google Play store for Android devices. Just search for “Swish Hoop Player App” to find the apps for downloading or tap  here. You do not need to purchase any Swish Hoop® products to download the app, register as a user or use certain portions of the app.

If you do not have a Swish Hoop® account, you will need to register. There are several ways of creating a new account as follows. Please note that creating a new account using methods 1 or 2 below will not allow you to log into the Swish Hoop® Player App using your Facebook, Google or Apple iTunes accounts. Likewise, using any of these existing other accounts to create your Swish Hoop account means that you will always need to use that same method each time you log into the Swish Hoop® Player App:
1. Open the Swish Hoop® Player App on your mobile device and tap the button “Create Account”. Follow the directions on the screens to create your account.
- A new account may be created online outside of the   Swish Hoop® Player App   from any internet-connected computer by clicking or tapping   here.
- Open the   Swish Hoop® Player App  on your mobile device and tap the appropriate button to use your Facebook, Google or Apple iTunes account to log in and create a new Swish Hoop account. You will need to use the same method each time you want to log into the   Swish Hoop® Player App.

The following features are included in the   Swish Hoop® Player App:
- Shooting Drills – Over 200 shooting drills to improve your shooting skills. Each drill includes an expertly demonstrated video of the drill. This feature is used in conjunction with the Swish Hoop® Shot Monitor and optionally the Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard to track your shooting results and videos and to display real-time feedback.
- Dribbling Drills – Over 100 dribbling drills to improve your dribbling skills. Each drill includes an expertly demonstrated video of the drill. This feature is best used in conjunction with the Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard to provide easy to see animation of the drill while it is being performed.
- Workouts – Over 100 workouts to improve a range of shooting or dribbling skills. Each workout is a combination of a number of shooting or dribbling drills that are run right after one another.
- Favorites – Choose your favorite drills and workouts for fast, easy access.
- Custom Drills and Workouts – Players who are part of a team are able to use proprietary drills and workouts created by their coaches.
- Shooting Video Recording – The Player App can optionally be used to record videos of your dribbling or shooting drills or workouts. For shooting drills, the app automatically breaks down all your shots into single-shot videos for easy, random-access recall when stats are reviewed.
- Goals – Goals may be set by you or your coach for achieving target performance levels in one or more drills or workouts by a target deadline.
- Plans – These are drills or workouts with one or more specified players that are set up beforehand by a team coach or administrator and may be executed with a single button push by them.
- Alarms – Alarms may be set by you or your coach like an alarm clock, which may be triggered for a reminder to practice, or any other kind of important event.
- Badges – These are symbols of respect that Swish Hoop  players earn by advancing their performance levels or putting in great effort in their training. Achieving certain levels of performance can unlock additional more-advanced Elite drills and workouts.
- Shot Charts – These are graphical representation of your shooting stats (percent makes) based on court location.
- Line Charts – These are line graphs of your shooting stats (percent makes) based on date.
- Session Stats – This is a screen that shows the result of each shot in a session as either a make, miss or swish.
- Sessions List – Any date range may be used to list the sessions that you have completed.
- Shot Videos – By tapping any shot icon in the Session Stat screen, a video recording of that shot is shown (as long as the video option was turned on when the shots were taken).
- Coach Comments – Coaches and trainers are able to send comments (and players may respond with their own comments) on any videos that were recorded.
- Coach Telestration – Coaches and trainers are able to pause a video and draw on top of the video to make more detailed comments of a player’s shooting form and performance. These may then be viewed by the player in the video or by other coaches within the App.
- Leaderboards – Users can view and compete in leaderboards from any chosen community, such as the world, their state/province, their town, their team, etc. Coaches can define custom leaderboards for just their teams to create incentives for player to be more competitive.
- Following and Followers – Users can follow their favorite Swish Hoop users and see all their performances and videos. The user being followed can bar any other (or all) users if they wish, so their activity will not be seen.
- Teams and Groups – Players who are team members can see results from all other members of their team. Players can also define their own groups of other users who are not necessarily on the same official team.
- Recorders – Users can select other players who they trust and who are allowed to record shots for them when they are shooting together in a multi-player drill using the other player’s device.
- Messages and Alerts – Players are sent messages to their Player App feeds when someone they are following completes a drill or workout, when they achieve a goal or badge/trophy performance level, etc. Alerts are sent when a more urgent message needs to be dealt with, such as a goal that was set by a coach.
- Settings – Users can change their preferences including: ways the app can communicate with them, stats privacy and the realm of the community for leaderboards that are shown.

There are three ways to change your password:
1. On the login screen (first screen shown) tap “Forgot your username/password?”
2. Go to Settings > My Account > Change Password and follow the prompts.
3. Click   here  to change your password on a web browser.

All of the entries on your profile page may be edited and changed. Tap “My Locker” at the bottom of most screens then tap “Profile” near the top left. You will see all of your personal information listed there. To change your profile picture, just tap the existing picture and choose either to select a picture from your device’s photos or use the device’s camera to take a new picture.

To change your username or the email associated with your account, tap “Settings” at the bottom right of most screens, then tap “My Account” at the top of the screen. From there you can change your username, email address or password.

There are many hundreds of shooting and dribbling drills and workouts in the  Swish Hoop® Player App, so it may be difficult to find ones you want. Fortunately, all drills are categorized and searchable. To access the filter screen on the Drills or Workouts screens from the Play menu, first tap the white magnifying glass icon 🔍 in the upper right corner. This will turn it orange and create a new line for text input for a search. If you like, you may type in text that might appear in the title or description of the drill or workout to help narrow the search. To the right of the text line is a white filter icon (three horizontal lines with dots on them). Tap that to open the filter screen.

On the filter screen will be a list of shooting and dribbling drill classifications. Use the ON/OFF sliders on the right to select the ones you want, then tap the “X” in the upper left to close the screen and apply the filters. The drills or workouts that have the attributes that were turned ON and which contain any text that was typed will then appear.

The slider switches may be used to eliminate say all shooting drills if you are just looking for dribbling drills (or vice versa). If the Shooting Drills slider is ON, you can select drills or workouts for particular ranges of shots (close, mid or 3-pt). You may choose to see drills or workouts that contain or are layup or free throw drills, or where shots are taken off the dribble of as a catch and shoot.

For dribbling drills and workouts, you may choose to see only one or two ball drills/workouts or drills/workouts that include a reaction signal to test reaction times.

To turn off all filtering, tap the orange magnifying glass in the upper right. When it turns back to white, no filters or text search will be applied. An orange filter icon (three horizontal lines with dots on them) means that the filter screen selections are still active and a white filter icon means they are not.

There are many great drills in the   Swish Hoop® Player App, so it's probably a good idea to mark the ones you might want to use again as “Favorites.” This is as simple as tapping the heart on the right side of the drill or workout listing within the Play menu. This will turn the black heart red ♥ and keep a list of all your favorites in the Favorites screen. This screen may be access by tapping Play in the lower left, then Favorites in the upper menu. To unselect favorites, just tap the red heart again and it will turn black and be removed from your Favorites list.

Tap “My Locker” at the bottom of most screens then tap “Stats” near the top right. A calendar icon will appear at the top right corner of the Stats Summary screen. If it is white, tap it so it turns orange. This will list all your completed sessions at the bottom of the screen that are between the start and end dates at the top of the screen. Note that only your sessions are accessible to you from the Stats screen, but you can see team member sessions under the Teams screen (menu item jus to the right of the Stats menu item).

To make it easier to find the shooting session you want, tap each of the dates to narrow the range. You can also swipe down to the line chart and tap the point on the chart that is at the date you want. This will highlight all the sessions listed below that were shot on that date. When you find the session you want to see in the list below, tap it and it will open a Single Session Stats screen. That screen will show an array of red and green squares (misses and makes) and green circles (swishes). Tap any of those to see the video (if one was recorded) associated with that shot.

Plans are drills or workouts for a specific set of pre-selected players. The players need to be on a single team and Plans are configured in the   Swish Hoop® Coach’s App  by either a coach or a team administrator. Users without coach or administrator designations cannot set up new Plans or access Plans within the   Swish Hoop® Player App.

Plans are designed to allow coaches to quickly access and execute drills and workouts during practices without doing any time-wasting searching or configuring.

Any coach or administrator on a team can access Plans for their teams by tapping the Play menu (lower left of screen) and tapping Plans/Goals near the upper right, then selecting Plans. Plans will start just like a normal drill or workout, except they will have the names of players pre-selected.

Goals are drills or workouts with a specified level of performance to reach within a particular time frame. You may set goals for yourself or your coaches or trainers can set goals you and any of your teammates. When a goal is reached or the time to achieve it has expired, a message and email is sent to the goal setter and target user (if different from the goal setter).

Once a Goal has been set, only the person who the Goal is for may change or delete it (coaches cannot change or delete Goals for their players, only create them.

In iOS (iPhone or iPad)
- Go to the Play menu (lower left of screen) and tap Plans/Goals near the upper right. Swipe left on the Goal you with to delete.

In Android
- Tap the Bell icon in the upper left of most screens, then tap Alerts and press on the Goal you wish to delete for two seconds. You will then be presented with a menu asking if you want to delete the Goal.

Think of Alarms like being able to set a reminder. They may be set either by individual users for themselves or by coaches for any of their team members. Alarms can be programmed to alert users one or more days a week at particular times between a start date and an end date. When an Alarm goes off, a message and email is sent to the user.

Once an Alarm has been set, only the person who the Alarm is for may change or delete it (coaches cannot change or delete Alarms for their players, only create them.

In iOS (iPhone or iPad)
For iOS devices, Alarms can only be deleted or edited online. Sign into your web account at, tap Alerts along the top menu, find the Alarm you want to change and tap EDIT, then delete or change the Alarm.

In Android
Tap the Bell icon in the upper left of most screens, then tap Alerts and press on the Alarm you wish to delete for two seconds. You will then be presented with a menu asking if you want to delete the Alarm. You can also follow the procedure for described above for iOS devices.

Since only one user can be logged into the Player App at a time, the logged in user will need to record data for the other players; however, you cannot record drills for other players unless they have given you permission to do so. There are two ways to receive permission from other users so you can record data for them when using your account.

1. In the Change Shooters screen (appears after the Change Shooters line is tapped in the Drill Detail menu ), tap the “+” at the upper right and search (by tapping the magnifying glass icon at the upper right) for the user you wish to add to the list of users for whom you can record data. That will display a menu that will allow you add them to the drill or if they have not yet given you permission, invite them to give you permission. When you select that option, it will send a message to their message list within the app and when they log in, they will be directed to grant you permission through their Recorders group as described just below.

2. Ask them to add your name to their Recorders group by having them log in with their user name, then tap “My Locker” along the bottom of the screen, then “Profile” near the upper left, then “Recorders”. They can then tap the “+” at the upper right and search for your name in the list. Tapping your name will give them the option to add you to their Recorders group. Once you have been added, their name will appear in the list of other users you can choose in the Change Shooters screen described just above.

The user who is logged into the app can write his/her own shot results into the database but can only write data for others (who are participating in the same drill) if those other users have previously given him/her permission to do so. The list of users who have given you recording permission will appear in the Change Shooters screen after the Change Shooters line is tapped in the Drill Detail menu. Tap users in the order you would like them to have a turn in the drill. To change the order, tap the user to deselect them and tap users again in the correct order.

You can choose the community in which you would like to be ranked in the leaderboards. Tap “Settings” at the lower right, then “Preferences”. Then Select “Community” and choose the group for the rankings. When you tap Leaderboards at the bottom of most screens, you will then be ranked within your chosen community. Instead of being ranked in your selected community, you can see your ranking amongst your following group by tapping “Following” toward the top of the leaderboard screen.

You can follow other users and get messages from them when they complete drills, workouts or trophies, etc. Tap “My Locker” on the bottom menu, then tap “Profile” on the top menu. Tap the “Following” group then tap the “+” at the upper right. Search for users you want to follow. When you tap them, you can either check out their profile or choose to follow them. If certain users to not wish to be followed (as selected in their preferences), then they will not appear in the list of users available to you to follow and you will not be able to follow them. Also, users can bar you from following them explicitly.

You can see which players are following you (getting messages when you complete drills, workouts or trophies, etc.) by tapping “My Locker” on the bottom menu, then tap “Profile” on the top menu. Tap the “Followers” group. There are two ways of restricting users from following you. Either A) by tapping their name in your Followers Group list and selecting “Bar User” or B) by changing your Privacy setting in the Settings> Preferences> Stats Privacy screen.

The Swish Hoop® Player App will automatically define groups for teams on which you belong; however, you may want to define your own groups for sharing your accomplishments or other reasons. To define a new group, go to the My Locker menu (lower part of screen) and tap Groups/Teams near the upper right. Then tap the plus (+) sign to add a new group. Input the group name and move the Share slider to the right to designate whether they will receive any shared stats when you hit the Share button within any part of the app.


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