Basketball Training Tips: Why You Can't Forget About the Mid-Range Jumpshot

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You watch any basketball game being played today and you're likely to see layups and a whole lot of threes. Whether you believe Steph Curry changed the game or not, it's hard to see the amount of threes being put up today - and from way out, and think otherwise.

At every level of the game, from youth basketball to high school to college and the pros, the three pointer is in. And that’s where the game is headed but, here is why you can’t forget about the mid-range jumpshot.

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Some days you walk in the gym and start shooting to notice that you just don’t feel as good as you usually do. Arms are a little heavy, legs are a little sluggish, your shot just doesn’t feel as in sync as it normally does. 

Better yet, you might be in a shooting slump of a couple games and haven’t had that same feel in your shot that you know you’re capable of. Do you just keep shooting from deep? Shooter’s shoot, right? Or do you move in closer to lock your form down and see the ball go in more?


While it’s your choice, every great shooter will typically start their workouts by doing some sort of form shooting from in close. After this, what has helped me time and time again is moving back progressively and just focusing on keeping the form consistent

And that’s where the mid-range comes in. 

You may just be in your own head about how poorly you have been shooting, so focus on doing what has worked for you in the past like proper hand placement, staying balanced, following through etc.

Remove any negative self-talk and that is how you can start to regain your confidence again and get past that shooting slump.

Expanding Your Game

You may also not have a shooting slump problem at all. Maybe you want to add a dribble pull up to your game when coming off screens or attacking from the perimeter. 

Having the ability to score from all three levels off the catch and off the dribble will make you a serious threat on the court because the defense will not be able to afford to leave you open.

While working on the mid-range can not only help you score more points, it could help you draw multiple defenders and create opportunities for you to get the ball to an open teammate.

So, whether it is to get past your shooting woes or add the next level of shooting to your game, those are just a few reasons why you can’t forget about the mid-range jumpshot.

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by Rocky DeAndrade


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