3 Things You Need to Do to Become a Great Shooter

3 Things You Need to Do to Become a Great Shooter

Becoming a Great Shooter

The most important skill to have in the game of basketball today is the ability to shoot the basketball. It doesn't matter if you're a guard or a forward, if you can shoot the ball you will be valuable to your team. Becoming a great shooter isn't hard to do. Anyone can do it, you can do it - as long as you do what it takes to become a great shooter.

Let's look at the three things you need to do to become a great shooter:

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1) Shoot Consistently

To get better at any skill, you need to do the skill. In other words, to become a better shooter you need to shoot more. Shooting every now and then will help you slowly improve, but shooting consistently will help you see exponential leaps, especially in your long-term progress.

Note that it's not only important that you shoot consistently, but that you shoot intentionally consistently. All this means is that when you're in the gym or in your driveway, you're not just "putting shots up." It means that you're focused on each shot that you take.

From my experiences as both a player and a trainer, this focus and attention to detail is what separates good players, who's potential is only so high from great players, who's potential is sky high

2) Track Your Shots

So you've been shooting more, great. But, how have you been shooting?

It's important to know the answers to how you've been shooting in as many forms as possible to give yourself a full perspective of your progress. What do I mean by as many forms as possible?

1) As you're shooting, you need to know how many shots you're making and how many shots you're taking. In order to measure your progress, this step is essential.

2) If you can track where those shots are being taken from, that'll give you an even more detailed insight as to how you're shooting from different spots on the floor. 

3) Record video of your shooting to help you visually see how you're shooting. This is especially helpful when you can correlate why you made or missed a lot of shots in a row to something you were doing in your shot.

What recording video may be most important for is when you take what you learn about shooting, apply it in your practice and then watch if you're doing what you learned correctly or if you need to make adjustments.

There's now technology that you can use to help you easily do this like the Swish Hoop Basketball Skills Trainer. Watch the video above to see how it works.

Let's talk about learning. 

3) Learn How To Shoot Better

You can shoot and track your shots and still see improvement, but you're not fully maximizing your skills until you're learning the most efficient ways that you can possibly shoot. With all the information there is out there from basketball trainers and shooting coaches, your potential to become a better shooter is limitless.

Go on Instagram, Tik Tok or YouTube and you will find unlimited videos on shooting concepts, tips, drills, workouts and detailed knowledge from most of the greatest basketball teachers out there.

After you learn better ways to shoot, apply what you learn in your practice of becoming a better shooter and things will start to click for you. And remember this - your development never ends.

You need to shoot, track your shots, learn how to shoot better and then repeat for as long as you're committed to becoming a great shooter. You can always get better.

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0 Skill Required

Becoming a great shooter is not a gift, it's a choice. It doesn't matter if you're the best on your team, the worst on your team or not even on a team. Shooting more shots, tracking your shots and learning how to shoot your shots better require 0 skill to do.

If you want to be a great shooter, it's as simple as you need to do what great shooters do. If you shoot consistently, track your shots and learn how to shoot better, repeatedly - there is no limit to how great of a shooter you can become.

Try it.

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