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Swish Hoop® Selected as Finalist in Basketball Innovation Global Competition

Swish Hoop Global Basketball Innovation Competition Finalist



Shooter's Touch, LLC (DBA Swish Hoop)

Swish Hoop® was chosen as one of ten finalists in a worldwide competition for the most innovating basketball technology companies. The competition was sponsored by Spalding®, Hype Sports Innovation and was held in February 2018 in Los Angeles, California, just a few days before the NBA All-Star game was played there. The company demonstrated its products, allowing visitors to automatically track their shots with the Swish Hoop® Shot Monitor and see their shooting stats in real time on the company's Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard.

Steve Gordon, Swish Hoop CEO, Presents Swish Hoop Technology At Spalding Hype Innovations Sports ConferenceSwish Hoop CEO, Dr. Steve Gordon, presents the Swish Hoop technology at the Hype Sports Innovation Competition sponsored by Spalding.

The company also showed the advanced features of its Coach's App and its automated shot-by-shot video breakdown technology. Dr. Steven Gordon, the company's CEO, also gave a talk on the unique features of all of the Swish Hoop® technology to a diverse crowd including ex-NBA players, sporting-goods company executives, investors and the general public. 


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