Personal Scoreboard FAQ

The Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard is a multifunction, high-visibility, color LED display designed to sit courtside to guide you through drills and give real-time feedback while  you're shooting.

It gets its data through a connection with the Swish Hoop® Player App on your mobile device.

The Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard is an important part to your experience with the Swish Hoop® Basketball Skills Trainer. Rather than constantly checking your mobile device, you can keep the Scoreboard courtside and immediately get information and feedback on your drills and workouts. The scoreboard is intimately coupled to the Player App running on your mobile device and is able to perform the following functions:

- At the start of a shooting drill and at each change in shooting position, it shows you where to shoot from.
- It displays the initials of the player whose turn it is to shoot, as well as whose stats are being displayed
- It displays a countdown timer and sounds an end buzzer for all timed shooting and dribbling drills
- It shows dribbling drill moves through animated avatars as the drill is running
- It gives an audible countdown at the start of all dribbling drills and sounds a buzzer at the drill end, or whenever the type of dribbling move is changed
- At the start of each drill within a multi-drill workout, it displays the name of the upcoming drill
- It displays your shooting stats in real time for a shooting drill. It also displays an animated “on fire” graphic when your shooting streak hits 3 and beyond
- It lets you know when you've completed a drill
- It has a wide-stance tripod stand and an adjustable phone holder just above its LED display, which provides a perfect place from which to record videos of all the on-court action

The Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard is currently only available when you get the Swish Hoop® Basketball Skills Trainer. Contact Swish Hoop® here if you would like to upgrade your Shot Monitor to a full Basketball Skills Trainer.

The Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard has no on/off switch, just a reset button on its left side, which wakes it from hibernation. It enters its hibernation mode in three ways:

1) after being disconnected from the device running the Swish Hoop® Player App
2) after 30 seconds of unsuccessfully trying to wirelessly connect to a device
3) after 30 minutes of idle time while it is connected.

The Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard has an internal, non-replaceable, Lithium ion rechargeable battery, which should run for many hours without a charge. To recharge the battery, simply plug in the circular plug of the supplied charging cord into the side receptacle of the Personal Scoreboard (you may need to open the rubber boot covering the receptacle) and plug the other end into the supplied USB charging module (or any other USB-compatible charging module), which is plugged into a wall outlet.

For safety reasons, the Personal Scoreboard will not function when recharging (when it’s charging cord is attached). For additional water resistance, the boot should be fitted over the charging port on the side of the Personal Scoreboard. The upper left indicator light at the front of the Personal Scoreboard will be red when the unit is charging and green when fully charged.

Yes, you can. The Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard has been tested and approved for outdoor use (IP66 certified). Make sure you close the rubber cover over the charging port on the side of the Personal Scoreboard. The Personal Scoreboard has an ambient light sensor, which will brighten the LEDs when the scoreboard is being used in a very-well-lit environment, like outside in sunlight. This will reduce the time needed between recharging.

To activate the Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard for wireless connection, press the black button on the left side of the Personal Scoreboard. When it is ready to connect, the Personal Scoreboard will blink different colors at the upper left of its screen. When it is connected, it will flash “Swish Hoop” in yellow. Wireless connection is initiated within the Swish Hoop® Player App on your mobile device. This app must first be installed on your device.

Open the app and go to Settings > Devices and look under the Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard heading for devices. You should see your Personal Scoreboard device listed. If not, tap the “GO” button in the Player App and press the black button on the left of your Personal Scoreboard until the multiple colors show on the upper left of the screen. If you still see no devices listed, read the FAQ below. Tap the circle on the right of the listed device to connect. The circle will turn green when the connection is completed. See step 5 of the instructions for greater detail with photos and here if you have related Player App questions.

First, make sure your Swish Hoop® Personal Scoreboard is fully charged. This may take a number of hours. After charging, make sure the charging cord is disconnected from the scoreboard. For safety reasons, the scoreboard is disabled when the cord is attached.

If your Personal Scoreboard is charged and showing the multiple color blink at the upper left of the screen, but you still can't connect, make sure your phone or tablet has Bluetooth (version 4.0 or later, also called BLE or Bluetooth Smart) capability and it is turned on. Turing on this functionality is typically done under the settings screen on your device. Bluetooth should be enabled (turned “on”). If the Bluetooth on your device is “on” and the Personal Scoreboard is showing the multiple color blink at the upper left of the screen, then follow Step 5 of the Personal Scoreboard instructions here to connect your mobile device to the Personal Scoreboard.

If your Personal Scoreboard is charged but not showing the multiple color blink at the upper left of the screen, you may need to perform a factory reset with the following steps:

1. After charging, unplug the charging cord from the side of the scoreboard (it will not function with the cord in place). Hold the scoreboard in front of you with the top edge facing up

2. Tilt it so the top edge faces down. You should hear a buzz. If not, there is something else wrong. If you do, immediately tilt the scoreboard back upright.

3. You should hear a second buzz. Then tilt the scoreboard back down again.

4. You should hear a third buzz. Then tilt the scoreboard back up again.

5. You should hear three more buzzes and then the main display will turn all white.

6. Wait 4 seconds or more after this.

7. Press the black reset button then tilt the scoreboard back and forth (top edge towards the floor and back) one more time and the scoreboard should start displaying multiple colors in the upper left of the display, which means it is ready to connect to the app.


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