Video Breakdown FAQ

There are three ways to upload videos of shooting or dribbling drills:
1. Upload videos from within the Swish Hoop® Player App
2. Upload videos directly from a separate phone
3. Upload videos to the Swish Hoop® web app from a computer or laptop

For case 1, where the video is recorded within the Swish Hoop® Player App, as long as you turn the “Record Video” slider switch on the drill or workout screen to ON before you start, the app will automatically break down the video for each of your shots or dribbling sessions and for each shooter. So, when it is uploaded, you will only see a short video (which starts just prior to the shot or at the start of dribbling) within the stats for each person.

The app will then store the broken-down videos of the sessions until the user taps the UPLOAD VIDEOS bar as a separate step. This is kept as a separate step to allow users to make sure they have a high-speed internet connection before attempting the upload. Once uploaded, the videos may be viewed from within the Swish Hoop® Player App or the Swish Hoop® Coach’s App.

For cases 2 and 3, the person who logs into the app to upload the videos must be the same person who was logged into the Swish Hoop® Player App on the mobile device when the shots were recorded. Locate the video you would like to upload:

- FROM A COMPUTER: Import your videos onto your computer and save them in their own folder (the upload may be faster and smoother as compared to doing the upload from a phone). Open your web browser.

- FROM A PHONE: Videos should be stored on the phone. Open the web browser on your phone:
1. Go onto the web app and login.
2. In the top right, choose the “Upload Video” button.
3. The most recent drills will be listed. Find the FIRST drill for which you were recording video and choose “Upload”
4. Open that folder or photos you saved your videos in, and select or drag the video for that drill into the “Choose Video” box.
5. The video will now pop up in the box to the left, click “Play”.
6. Pause the video when the first shot in the drill hits the rim or the backboard. Try to do this at the precise time the first impact occurs.
7. Click “Start Upload”. This will synchronize the timing of this and all future shots across all players and drills to the video.
8. Repeat this process for each video that you recorded during your workout

When you upload your video for that drill, the Swish Hoop® Player App will know that you did the workout with your friend because you recorded their stats as well. So, the video software will automatically break down the video for your friend’s workouts, too.

The technology is smart enough to break down shots across several consecutive drills and players from a single video recording.

You can record your workout from anywhere. Put your phone on the tripod using the cell phone holder and put it in the gym from whatever angle you want to see your shooting. Leave the scoreboard on the baseline so that you can still see your real-time stats, but put the camera anywhere you want.

You can learn a lot more about your form than you may think if you see it from multiple angles. From straight on, you can tell if your wrist is under the ball, your feet are square to the basket or your follow through is in a straight line. But, you may not necessarily be able to see things that you could from say - the sideline of the court. Maybe your follow through doesn’t fully extend to the hoop, so you’re not getting close to that optimal 45 degree arc on your shot or you’re fading away on a step back jumper. Watch your shot from all angles. You may see ways to improve your form before your next workout.


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